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 ~Wild Pie~

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MensajeTema: ~Wild Pie~   Lun Sep 26, 2011 10:09 am

A Wild pie is a pie made using the Cooking skill. It is a members-only item, and requires level 85 Cooking to make. Each bite heals 110 Life Points, making a total of 220 healing for the whole pie. Players gain 240 Cooking experience for making a wild pie.

To make a wild pie, players must in order add raw bear meat, raw chompy, and raw rabbit into a pie shell, then cook it. All three types of meat can be obtained by killing the monsters that drop them (bears, Chompy birds, and rabbits). Raw bear meat can be purchased from Rufus in Canifis, or Chargurr in Oo'glog. Raw rabbit can be purchased from Trader Stan's Trading Post, or from Chargurr.

When eaten, a slice of wild pie temporarily raises a player's Ranged level by 4 and Slayer level by 5. Wild pies became very popular after the Dark bow was released. Dark bows are dropped by Dark beasts, which require level 90 Slayer to fight. Many players had obtained 85 Slayer to be able to fight Abyssal demons, and had not advanced their Slayer level further. Wild pies allowed these players the temporary ability to fight Dark beasts.

Wild pies are popular among players fighting the Chaos Elemental because they leave behind a pie dish. The empty dish helps keep the Chaos Elemental from un-equipping the worn equipment, as the inventory remains full despite having consumed the pies.

Bringing a wild pie to Romily Weaklax in the Cooking Guild is one of the hard Varrock Tasks. Wild Pies are also popular amongst players who do not have the slayer requirement to kill Skeletal Wyverns for the hard Falador Tasks.

Players use raw wild pies to buy certain rare items because of the price difference between the raw and the cooked pies. Players used to stand to gain a lot of profit per pie, however at the moment it is -2903 coins for each pie. (minus meaning a loss)

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~Wild Pie~
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