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 ~Spicy Stew~

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Spicy stews are stews with special coloured spices from Hell-Rats added to the stew. They are members' only and can temporarily increase or decrease a player's skill levels.

Spicy stews are available only to those who have completed the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in Recipe for Disaster.

Evil Dave's spicy stew, or 'EVIL STEW OF DOOM' as he calls it,requires all 4 colours of spice and can boost or decrease a wide number of skills which can be -6 to +6. Each of the four colours of spice affects its own specific set of skills, so players making spicy stew after the quest usually only use one colour of spice, to get a temporary boost in a particular skill

How to make spicy stew

Get regular stew by cooking or buying. Stews may be bought one at a time in Seers' Village at the Forester's Arms pub for 20 coins. They can also be purchased in bulk in the Warriors' Guild from the food shop or from the pub on Mos Le'Harmless (each spot stocks 10), or on the Grand Exchange.
Get the spices:
Go to Evil Dave's BASEMENT OF DOOM in Doris's house west of the Edgeville bank.
Get a cat (or hellcat) to chase the hellrats in the basement. Using a kitten is not advised as they are very poor at catching rats. If you are trying to obtain a large amount of spice (for example, to try your luck for a +4 or higher boost in a skill) and you have completed the Rat Catchers quest, it may be worth waiting for your cat to grow into an overgrown cat, and then taking it to the Port Sarim Rat Pits where Felkrash can train it into a wily cat which has the highest success rate catching rats. You should train the cat just before taking it to Evil Dave's, as a wily cat will not stay wily for long without exercise.
Try to stand in the open. Your cat will pick a random nearby rat, and if you are standing in the way, the cat will simply do nothing and a message will appear in the chatbox saying 'Your cat cannot get to its prey'.
A spice shaker in one of four colours will be dropped when the cat successfully captures a hellrat. Each shaker will have from 1 to 4 spice doses of its colour in it. The shaker sometimes appears some distance away from where it seems the cat caught the rat, so look closely. You can combine same-coloured doses up to 4 in each shaker, just like with potions, and then drop the empty shakers to cut down on the number of times you need to bank. Note that all shakers (empty and full) cannot be noted.
If you are collecting in bulk, 30 minutes' work with a regular cat should be enough to collect about 140 doses of spice (35 of each colour on average). Some players do not want red and yellow spices and just don't pick them up, but it is an idea to decant spare orange and brown spices into 4-dose shakers and bank them if you have space in your bank, just in case they will be needed some time - these two colours give level boosts of +2/+3 beyond any alternative in a number of useful skills.
Add up to 3 doses of a colour spice to the regular stew to get a spicy stew of the strength you require. You only need to add 1 dose of 1 colour to make a spicy stew. Additional doses and colours only affect its skill-boosting effects and are not needed in order to make it edible.

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~Spicy Stew~
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