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 ~Curry Stew~

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MensajeTema: ~Curry Stew~   Lun Sep 26, 2011 11:17 am

Curry is a food item that can be made at level 60 Cooking. It is made the same way as making stew. Before cooking, either add three Curry leaves or one Spice:

Fill a bowl with water.
Add a potato or cooked meat/cooked chicken (gives Incomplete stew).
Add the other ingredient from step 2 (gives Uncooked stew).
Add either three curry leaves or one spice.
Cook the Uncooked curry on a range.

Failing to cook it properly will produce Burnt curry. At 74 Cooking, players stop burning curry. Making curry gives 280 cooking experience, and eating it heals 190 Life Points.

Curry leaves can be obtained from growing a Curry tree with the Farming skill or via trading with another player. Spices can be bought or stolen using the Thieving skill in the market in East Ardougne or bought in the Lumbridge Culinaromancer's Chest.

Players with level 50 Construction can hire a Demon butler, who can serve curry in Player-owned houses. The number of curries served is equal to the number of people in the house, up to 10.

Curry is often used to fight the Chaos Elemental since it has high healing ability and consuming it leaves an empty bowl in the player's inventory instead of freeing up a slot (which will prevent the Elemental from unequipping a player's items).

Curry is also a drop from Iron and Steel dragons, the reborn monsters in the Phoenix Lair, and Gourmet implings.

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~Curry Stew~
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