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 ~Meat Pizza~

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MensajeTema: ~Meat Pizza~   Lun Sep 26, 2011 11:22 am

Meat pizza is a food item created when adding Cooked meat or Cooked chicken to a Plain pizza. It requires level 45 Cooking and provides 26 experience. If made from scratch, 169 experience. The Meat Pizza heals 80 Life Points per bite, making it a total of 160 Life Points per pizza. The Meat Pizza can be made from a pizza base, cheese, tomato, and any type of meat.

Meat pizzas are a handy food source for players in the wilderness Bandit camp area. This is because there is a pizza base seller (Fat Tony) who sells pizza base for cheap (3 gp), bandits to kill for coins (to buy the base), and giant rats to kill for meat. However, players should be aware of the pkers around. Meat pizzas may not be useful for fighting higher-level players, as they are slow healing foods.

Meat pizzas are mainly made instead of bought because they give 26 experience to a level 45 cook. Because of this, meat pizzas are bought very fast if you need them. It is dropped by level 76 Bloodveld which require 50 slayer to kill. 1 inventory of meat pizzas cost 9380 coins, which is very high for a normal healing food, Meat Pizzas are more for experience than they are for healing foods. It is OK training combat with meat pizzas, only for long and easy trips (That includes hill giants, moss giants a rare drop attempt, etc.), and if you have spare money (which goes to the price of meat pizzas.)

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Plain pizza, Cooked chicken or Cooked meat
Cooking Level 45
Cooking Experience 26
Range Only? Yes

To make Meat pizza:

Use plain pizza > Meat/Chicken (becomes Meat pizza)

Servings 2
Life Points per Serving 80 Per serving

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~Meat Pizza~
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