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 ~Anchovy Pizza~

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MensajeTema: ~Anchovy Pizza~   Lun Sep 26, 2011 11:24 am

Anchovy pizza is a food item created when adding Anchovies to a Plain pizza. It requires level 55 Cooking and provides 39 experience. If made from scratch, it provides 182 experience. It heals 180 Life Points, 90 per bite; making it the highest healing tradeable free-to-play food. This yields a good amount of money that it can be sold for. Making Anchovy Pizza is one of the best methods of training cooking in free-to-play.

As with all two-bite free-to-play foods (not including 2/3 cake or 2/3 chocolate cake), the first bite can be consumed with a lower delay than other foods, allowing it and the second bite (or a different food) to be consumed in the same amount of time that a single piece of standard food can be eaten. This ability is often exploited in free-to-play PvP situations, where players avoid knockout blows by eating the first half of a pizza along with a swordfish to heal a total of 230 Life Points. Alternatively, it is often used to "tank" clans by eating several first halves to quickly heal.

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Plain pizza, Anchovies
Cooking Level 55
Cooking Experience 39
Range Only? Yes

To make Anchovy pizza:

Use Plain pizza > Anchovies

Servings 2
Life Points per Serving 90 Per serving

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~Anchovy Pizza~
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