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 ~Rs Spicy Crunchies~

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Spicy crunchies are a part of Gnome Cooking. They require level 12 Cooking and heal 70 Life Points when consumed. Spicy crunchies give 100 Cooking experience when produced. They may be required for an order in the minigame Gnome Resturant. In order to cook Spicy crunchies, one needs to complete a tutorial on Gnome Cooking by talking to Aluft Gianne Sr in the Grand Tree.

To cook Spicy Crunchies:

Fill a crunchy tray with Gianne dough and lightly cook it with a range.
Prepare the Crunchies with some Gnome spice and 2 Equa leaves.
Bake the raw crunchies and add (yet more) Gnome spice. Enjoy!

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~Rs Spicy Crunchies~
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