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 ~Rs Chocchip Crunchies~

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MensajeTema: ~Rs Chocchip Crunchies~   Lun Sep 26, 2011 5:23 pm

Chocolate chip crunchies are a gnome food that can be made at level 16 cooking. They heal 70 Life Points per serving.

These are very similar to chocolate-chip biscuits (or cookies).

Chocchip Crunchies (Abbreviation of Chocolate-Chip Crunchies) are a Gnome dish, which require 16 Cooking to make and heal 70 Life Points per serving.

A total of 106 Cooking experience is earned for each serving, broken down by steps below.
To make Chocolate Chip Crunchies:

Use Gianne Dough on a Crunchy tray, (0 experience)
Use the filled tray with a range to lightly bake them, (30 experience)
Prepare the crunchies with 2 Chocolate Bars and Gnome Spice in your inventory, (30 experience)
Bake the crunchies on a range. (0 experience)
Add some chocolate dust to finish. (46 experience)

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~Rs Chocchip Crunchies~
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